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IZX — decentralized platform for gamification of business-to-customer interaction. We connect business, game, reality and virtual world.

Thousands users around the World utilize our token in IZX augmented reality game. Soon IZX comes to every country, city and smartphone

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Token Offering

IZX Token

IZX Izx logo 24x24
ERC-20 on Ethereum Foundation network
Chain 0x2ad180cbaff...
1 IZX = 0,01 $
Pre-ICO Start
November 13 2017
Pre-ICO Finish
November 29 2017
Pre-Sale Start
November 29 2017
Pre-Sale Finish
March 7 2018

Tokens Distribution

IZX Tokens Fraction, %
Crowdsale 2,500,000,000 IZX 50 %
Ecosystem incentives 1,500,000,000 IZX 30 %
Core team 650,000,000 IZX 13 %
Advisors & Early Bakers 250,000,000 IZX 5 %
Bounties 100,000,000 IZX 2 %
Total 5,000,000,000 IZX 100 %

No additional emission after the ICO. Unallocated tokens will be burnt

Project Roadmap

Bounties Program

We invite you all to participate in project development and accept all your help regarding mobile app promoting, product quality enhancement and successful Crowdsale

Articles Writing

We reward for writing opinion articles about using IZX token and protocol. This can be either technical texts, or business, entertainment or other



Publication on websites, blogs, groups, help grow our community and are rewarded with tokens


Assistance in the improvement and development

We need your help in improving the software, finding bugs, translation materials on languages of the World. Let's create the project together!


Invite friends and get free tokens!

Invite your friends with referral link from your account and get the reward as soon as they purchase tokens


Jalil Malaysia
Abas A Jalil


Abas A Jalil is responsible for the financial advisory and fundraising activities. He is experienced in global corporate finance, including cross-border fundraising initiatives for ICT start-up companies in South East Asia. Currently he is the CEO of Amanah Capital Group (Malaysia).

Corbett Usa
Dr Jason Corbett


Dr. Corbett is the Managing Partner of Silk Legal, a boutique commercial law firm in Bangkok. With a diverse background of entrepreneurship and law, he has quickly become one of the leading experts in crypto law within the region. As of October 2017, Jason has worked on 17 crypto projects providing a variety of legal and business advice.

Otman Malaysia
Norazmi Otman


Norazmi holds BSc Computer Science from University of Malaya. He is currently Chief Information Officer at Kodewave Sdn Bhd, a software development company based in Kuala Lumpur. He has developed Electronic Payment Management System for local authority & campus management software in Malaysia, as well as application named Rangers-Emergency Breakdown Assistance in Malaysia & Indonesia.

Bayda Usa
Yury Bayda


Dr. Bayda is a Senior Software Engineer with Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, Oregon. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Given his research background, position and expertise in microchip architecture, performance and power simulation, Yury consulted several blockchain and cryptocurrency startups in the domain of architecture solutions and application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC)

Oehman Finland
Ville Oehman


An early adopter of bitcoins, Ville has been an advisor and investor of several cryptocurrency companies as well as private broker of cryptocurrencies for HNWIs and Family Offices in Europe. Currently, he is a Fund Manager with Helvetic Investments Pte. Ltd. overseeing one of the world's first institutional grade cryptocurrency funds launched in Singapore. He holds M.Sc. in Technology Management at Aalto University in Finland, and obtained MBA from University of South Carolina USA.

Izetex Team

Alexey Zagainov



Blockchain enterpreuner with successful experience in technological project's development and global positioning. Aleksey is the strategic business leader with 11 years experience in environmental regulation and digital technologies.

Denis Ershov


A qualified specialist in the crypto-currencies mining. Since 2015 Denis has been managing digital assets and crypto-currency transactions.

Denis adapts the best world experience of successful ICO on development model of IZETEX.

Alexey Studnev

Chief Technology Officer


Alexey is the software architect and team leader in American and Russian Hi-Tech companies in blockchain and direct marketing areas.

Aleksey creates the software architecture of IZETEX, develops blockchain protocols and leading the group of specialists.

Artem Gordov


International business development consultant.

Artem attracts investments in the project and carries out interaction of IZETEX with foreign partners.

Alexander Gryaznov



Physicist by education (MIPT), Alexander started his career in Intel corporation back in 2007. IT and cryptology expert, programmer with more than 10 years experience, he leaded dev teams in several international companies.

Alexander founded and conducts the first academic course on Ethereum at Innopolis University.

Konstantin Kurilov

Mobile Developer

An experienced developer of mobile applications on the platforms IOS, Android, Unity, ReactNative. Konstantin's portfolio contains companies: Kaspersky Lab., Mail.ru Group, IT Territory.

Renata Yusupova

Project manager


Renata is responsible for project posts on thematic resources, and develops our customer support and bounty programs.

Anna Blinova

Designer, UX Specialist

More than 10 years engaged in graphic design and illustration. Created projects for Otcpharm, Mnogo.ru.

Anna is responsible for the design of IZETEX applications and optimizing user experience

Alexandr Orekhov

Head of IR


Qualified finance and investment consultant with more than 15 years experience provided business development and high-quality customer service in commercial banks and financial companies. Alexander provide professional consultations and attentive attitude created for our partners and investors for comfortable conditions of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Roman Varnava

Solidity developer


Developer of Solidity smart contracts, web-developer. Developed smart contracts for several decentralized applications.

Aydar Nigmatzhanov

Solidity developer

Innopolis University student. Solidity and Javascript developer. More than 1 year experience of developing Dapps using solidity. More than 5 blockchain projects.

Rinat Khatipov

Solidity developer

Solidity developer, front-end developer, mobile app developer. Has experience in leading IT company in St. Petersburg. Has more than five completed projects.

Nikita Kuptsov

Communications Director

Nikita creates effective mass-media products through his experience as Production manager at Amanah Capital Group (Malaysia).

In IZETEX, Nikita interacts with the audience of the mobile application and develops referral programs.

Road show

Partners and Conferences